Do You Need A Humidifier If You Have A Full HVAC System?

During cold weathers, it’s natural for you to want to keep warm. However too much warmth might not be the best option for your home and for you.  This is one of the reasons why having a humidifier is important.  Humidifiers work by having a reservoir of water from a fresh water supply and creating steam to add to the airflow of the furnace where it is located. Having too much humidity can cause the air to be extremely dry and uncomfortable.

What to know about the Humidifier

With a humidifier, you can customize the amount of humidity through a thermostat. During hot weathers, the humidifier can be simply turned off until it is needed again. Having a humidifier comes with its benefits, such as :

  • Better air quality
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Protection of furniture and electronic devices.

Facts about the humidity in the house

The ideal amount of humidity in a home should be between 30% and 40%. However in the case there is too much dryness in the air, dry skin, asthma, allergies and other health problems can happen. Even your home can be negatively affected by dry air. From cracking furniture to static electricity, there are several damages your home could suffer. If you’ve ever woken up to your pajamas sticking to your legs or receive electric shocks from unknown causes, the culprit is most likely dry air. Wooden furniture’s can also shrink and wallpapers can peel. A humidifier helps you prevent these problems by creating the optimal level of dryness in the air.

Why you need a good humidifier

Having a good humidifier can even help save money. Since a furnace may not need to operate due to its humidifier, you can save money on energy bills. You may not need to heat your home as the moist air can make your home a little bit warmer. Low levels of humidity can also reduce the efficiency of your heating system since its going to make the area cooler. You may end up using the furnace more than necessary which can increase your bills.


Having a humidifier can be beneficial to both you and your home. It is energy efficient and it maintains temperature of air in the building. They are also affordable and easy to install. They can be used in separate rooms although they may not offer the same level of moist air. It’s important to maintain it by cleaning it thoroughly to avoid bacteria from growing inside and contaminating the air quality.