If The Furnace In An HVAC System Goes Down, Does the A/C Still Work?

A furnace is built to create heat by burning fuel. Air conditioners provide cooling to an entire building or room, depending on the type of AC that is being used. Your furnace has a lot of parts as its designed to produce heat by burning fuel. It’s similar to furnaces where wood is being used although the combustible substance is fuel. The internal combustion is the main place where fuel is burned and is converted to heat energy. This heat is then circulated throughout the house

Things to know about how HVAC system work

In every HVAC system, there is a cooling system and a heating system and the relationship between these two is quite close. They work together and they both use the same ducts to transfer either cool or warm air to several parts of the building. Your furnace and air conditioner work hand in hand with your heating systems, which means that upgrades to one might affect the efficiency of the other. Sometimes if the furnace becomes faulty, it may also negatively affect the air conditioner. So how do these two components work together?

  • The furnace heats the air during cold climates and the blower then circulates it throughout the home
  • During hot climates, the AC evaporator removes heat and humidity
  • Excess moisture is carried to the floor drain by condensate lines.
  • Heat is removed through the compressor.
  • Cool or warm air is then supplied to your home
  • Optimal levels of temperature are then set by the thermostat
  • Air returns to the furnace for air conditioning and humidity is added to the water
  • The air is then cleaned and the process repeats itself.

Tips on the cooling and heating system of the HVAC

The Air conditioner has its own way of cooling your home. When warm air inside your home blows in the evaporator coil, its heat energy is transferred to the refrigerant inside the coil. This transfer is what then cools the air. This cool air is then moved into your home. The cooling and heating system actually work together to ensure that your home is enjoying the benefits of proper heating and cooling.


These two are complementary components that work hand in hand for your benefit. Sometimes, the efficiency of one might affect the other. However, it there are any serious issues detected, it’s always a good idea to hire a professional to have a look at the problem. Since the both cooling and heating system uses the same electric fan, putting off the furnace will result to putting of the AC system. So, the cooling system will no longer work when the furnace is off.